Really Cold

On the Walkway Over The Hudson with Frozen Tears

It’s darn cold! How cold? So cold the wind-induced tears streaming down my cheeks froze on my face.

I grew up in the Hudson Valley and am no stranger to winter. My childhood winter routine included making snowmen, ice skating on frozen ponds, skiing on sub-zero days, and waiting for the school bus on bitter cold days. I played outside - always. I had the essentials: snowsuits, boots, gloves, scarves, hats, and my grandmother’s hot chocolate waiting when I returned home. We went outside and played, regardless of the temperature.

Fast forward to now. My blood thinned and my body acclimated to the Northern California winters with early morning temperatures in the 30s and low 40s. By midday, it’s in the 60s. I swim in the San Francisco Bay, without a wetsuit, or cycle outdoors almost every day.  While these are cold activities, they’re nowhere near as environmentally challenging as walking around New York and Boston these past few days.

The temperatures dipped to the single digits (F). Adding in the wind chill, it’s more like -10F — Holy Brrrrrrrr!

When we made our travel plans, we knew it might get cold. In fact, I secretly hoped it would be as cold as it is. One of my children expressed interest in attending college on the east coast. I figured after a few bitter cold days, she would choose to stay closer to home.

Is she deterred? No.

Am I? Yes

Would a more suitable wardrobe help? Yes

Will she get warmer clothes? Yes

Will I get warmer clothes? No

What will happen on my next trip to ‘winter’? I’ll get cold and complain, again

Somewhere in Connecticut


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