Winter Cold Water Swimming Limericks

Along the banks of the mighty Hudson

South Ender Tony wrote these inspiring cold water swimming limericks and shared them with the club.

The water was so cold that it stung and it burned,
As the temperature dropped, I felt concerned.
'Cause winter is here,
With self-doubt and fear,
And each lap to the flag is hard-earned.

What other sport takes place in a fridge?
Swimming with the threat of sea lion carnage?
Upstairs in the shower,
Winter makes you scream louder,

When you look down and curse the cold water's shrinkage!

Your lips are blue, and your chest is red,
You question why you even got out of bed.
Sniveling with sorrow,
You doubt swimming tomorrow,
"I'll just say that I swam, and enjoy a coffee instead!"

For an hour you thaw in the piping hot sauna,
So slow to recover from your cold-water trauma.
But tall-tales and jokes,
And good-humored folks,
Remind you why you return to your South End Nirvana. 

Inspired by Tony’s creativity, I wrote a limerick as well:

Water glimmers as the sun shines on the surface
Cold water swimming is for the nerveless
When you jump in
It freezes your skin
Taking your breath away leaving you wordless


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