No Middle Ground

Mid-life crises evolution red convertible

I live my life on extremes, tending to do things all in or not at all.

For example:

  • Moved from the east coast to the west coast - no stops in between 
  • Married the first woman I met at college - no need to keep looking once you've found the best
  • Drove a convertible because a sun-roof was only a partial commitment
  • Went from eating an entire challah to giving up simple carbs completely
  • Worked at tiny startups before joining an industry technology behemoth
  • Limited travel growing up led to flying almost 2 million miles on airplanes
  • Sold the convertible and bought an electric car - hybrids required fill-ups
  • Having refused to eat foods resembling trees, Brussels sprouts and spinach now make every meal complete
  • Given the choice between the brontosaurus bone in rib-eye and a nice 8-ounce filet, there is no choice

No doubt, others may have found middle ground or live their lives on the ends of the spectrum as I do.

Please share your examples in the comments!

27 Oz tomahawk rib-eye AND spinach


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