Last Winter, Brutal. This Winter, More Brutal

Note to reader: This post contains more sniveling, whining, and excuses making than necessary

Early phases of hypothermia, 12 minutes in at the opening.

2018, my second winter of cold water swimming. This winter has been brutal! Last winter was brutal too, but this year is far worse. Funny thing, the water is warmer this year and my physical fitness is better.

Comparing the past to the present, here are a few observations:
  • Last year, the temperature hit a low of 46-47°F. 
    • This year, my coldest swim was 49°F
  • Last year, my longest swim was 1:15 in 50°F water. 
    • This year it was 40 minutes in 52°F
  • Last year, I only swam in the Bay.
    • This year, I go to masters 2-3 times a week
  • Last year, rain run-off frequently contaminated the Bay. 
    • This year, not much rain
  • Last year, I ate poorly. 
    • This year, I eliminated (many) evil foods and lost a few pounds
  • Last year, I was monogamous to the Bay. 
    • This year, I frolicked in Santa Cruz and La Jolla
(snivel/whining on)
  • Last year, I had one sinus infection. 
    • This year, I had 3 sinus infections and the flu
  • Last year, I swam 3 times a week in the Bay. 
    • This year, it's less than once a week
Here are a few more excuses I could make:
  • I'm a year older
  • Life is more complicated
  • The political situation has far more room for improvement than I thought possible
  • Global warming (see the previous comment) 
  • Prevention of gun violence (see two comments above)
You get the idea.

(snivel/whining off)

At this point, I have a choice to make: do I wait for the waters to warm, or do I suck it up and acclimate. It's not really a choice. I'll be back in Bay and the pool tomorrow. I've got some Alcatraz crossings and a Bay Bridge swim on the horizon.

Visualizing Maui to get through the winter


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