Fast Kid Friday, Beer Friday, Cove Chasers on a Rampage - so much going on.

We sniveled, we swam, we swam harder, we kick the snot out of the fierce flood, and we slogged our way to Ft. Mason.

Several leading ladies of the Cove Chasers escorted me to the opening after a notable snivel session. We sniveled well, but next time, we'll do better. On the way to the opening, we stumbled upon some Aussies out for their Friday morning marinating. Two from our pod swam to the right side and thus avoided an incident. My remaining pod mate went to the left, and I went to the right. We had them outflanked, but they had us outspoken. We exchanged pleasantries, and then I was compelled to respond with my best Aussie accent. I failed miserably. Yet, it was good enough so they let us pass.

After a 12-minute push to the opening, we had to get by the fastest of the Fast Kids. They had just returned from Ft. Mason. Using my best Fast Kid accent, I asked about the currents. They ignored me, so I knew we'd be granted safe passage. Confidence was high.

We made the westward turn and started the push to Ft. Mason. The flood had kicked in, so we put our heads down and swam. There was no talking and no sniveling - just swimming. One stroke, two strokes, three strokes, four strokes - just to pass the first piling on the pier. The strokes per piling passing seemed to increase to five, then six, then seven. It was hard work. We hugged the pier to keep out of the stronger current - predicted at 2.8 knots today. Piling by piling, we advanced toward the objective.

After what seemed like an eternity, we passed the Muni Pier and headed towards little Alcatraz Pier - further avoiding the strongest current. Or so I thought. The ladies, who kept a straight line to Ft. Mason, cut through the current and arrived well before me. Clearly, they chose the best route.

After 36 minutes of fighting the currents, we regrouped at Ft. Mason and congratulated ourselves for our notable swimming accomplishment. Today, we were no longer just Cove Chasers, but rather badass aquanauts! Our return to the beach would be uneventful. We knew the Fast Kids would be out the water so the chance of further encounters would be low. The strong currents took us back to the opening in 8 minutes, requiring far less effort than the 25-minute sprint to conquer the flood on the way out.

We had an awesome 53-minute adventure in 55ºF waters. While I can’t comment on the ladies sauna experience, I can confirm beer was available in the men’s sauna for those in need. In fact, the ladies of the B-Team even brought beer to our locker room to ensure we'd have some nice brews.

What a day!
Aussie recounting the accent incident to her peeps


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