Remembering Marcia

Marcia Carol Blum Gottfried 1936-2018  ז״ל

You left me your daughter and your legacy. I will honor your memory every day by loving her, cherishing her, respecting her, and taking care of her as I know you would want.

When I met you in the late summer of 1984, a few weeks after Debbie and I started college and dating, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Would you judge me favorably? Would you welcome me? Would I earn your trust? I’m not sure how you would have answered those questions after our first meeting, but I want to believe over time you would say ‘yes’ to all those questions.

Prior to our first time together, I also wondered what you would be like. Over time, I think I have a pretty good idea. You were the head of your family. You loved Joe more than anything else. You made decisions. You worked hard. You respected the people who respected you. You were a planner. And, you loved to shop.

You didn’t see shopping as being just the purchase. You saw shopping as a journey. Months in advance of birthdays and celebrations, you would start your process. You would carefully think about what would be meaningful and then set a path of fine tuning to ensure everyone was well taken care of. You always succeeded with your goal and we all felt special because we knew you had put so much love and energy into finding something special for each of us.

You had drive. You built a business and found tremendous satisfaction in knowing you did it on your own.

You loved your Grandchildren. Sam, Eva, and Nina loved going to visit you for a swim as well as the annual end of the school-year trip to Santa Cruz.

You laughed at my jokes and stories. Perhaps you were just being polite.

You loved cruises. While I’ve never taken a cruise, I will always remember when you arranged for us to come aboard prior to one of your cruises leaving from San Francisco.

You listened when we spoke. You were fully engaged in every conversation.

You offered sound opinions and perspectives. You shared views I hadn’t considered and always suggested other ways to look at things.

Speaking of opinions and perspectives, you never once complained when I sat through Thanksgiving wearing a bathrobe following a dip in the hot tub.

You opened your home to us. Debbie and I learned to appreciate you so much more when we lived with you and Joe for a few months while waiting for our home to be ready for us to move into.

You were a great neighbor. While we would have liked for you to have knocked on our door more frequently for some eggs or butter, you respected our mutual space as we lived just a few blocks away.

I know you loved us and committed yourself to being the best wife, mother, grandmother, and person you could be. I will miss you. And, I will honor your memory every day through loving and appreciating the legacy you left behind.


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